Bochum awarded NIBS Accreditation

The Department of Business & Management of the Bochum University of Applied Sciences has been awarded NIBS international accreditation, after successfully completing all requirements of the process earlier this spring.

NIBS Vice-President (Accreditation) Patrick Schoenmakers awards the accreditation certificate to representatives of the Bochum University of Applied Sciences: Katharina Schmidt, a student career advisor, and Prof. Martina Meyer-Schwickerath, dean of the school

The designation was formally announced during a ceremony at this week’s Annual Conference at Leeds Beckett University in Leeds, United Kingdom.

In addition, four NIBS member universities were formally reaccredited.  The group included the School of International Studies at Avans University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands), Lahti University of Applied Sciences (Finland), and the School of Business at London South Bank University (UK).

NIBS International Accreditation is awarded for a five year term.  To maintain their accredited status, schools must complete a critical self-assessment survey at the end of the five-year period that compares their current circumstances to the situation at the time of their initial accreditation. This is followed by a site visit by a peer assessment panel, which prepares a report for the member school and offers a recommendation for the NIBS Board.

The NIBS Accreditation process is open to all NIBS members. For details, please visit our accreditation information page.

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