Business Simulation Competition


Please note the registration date for this competition was Tuesday, 24 October 2023 and the competition is closed for any new registrations. Details of the timings can be found here.

Any queries regarding the competition can be sent to 

Good luck to the student teams!

Are you up for a virtual challenge? Do you have an affinity for business? If you do, this 3 round online business simulation competition is for you!

NIBS is delighted to be offering this competition in partnership with leading simulation company EcoSim. Participation is not limited to NIBS members, the competition is open to anyone (students, graduates, professionals), although economic or business background might be advantageous.

Your team is set the challenge of successfully running a Snow Hotel and Ski Resort Company, you will need management skills, a focus on sales and marketing and the ability to create unique cooperations with other competing teams.

See the 2022 Winners on the EcoSim ranking page.


Teams are made of 2-4 people and there is no limit to the number of teams who can enter from a university, providing a registration fee is paid for each team. Each university will be responsible for the formation of their own team/s.

Postgraduate students and graduates are also welcome to join a team.


  • Staff demo event – Wednesday 20 September at 15:00hrs CET – Zoom link
  • Registration deadline – Tuesday 24 October
  • Entry fee payment deadline – 27 October
  • Manual can be found here

For full details of the decision-making rounds please go to the EcoSim website,


Please find a downloadable poster and information ppt for students and staff. 

NIBS IBSC 2023 poster A4

NIBS IBSC 2023 presentation


1st place prize: €300  in cash + 2% of total entry fee for charity*,1-year EcoSim Pro simulation license for the students’ university

2nd place prize: €200  in cash + 2% of total entry fee for charity*, 1-year EcoSim Pro simulation license for the students’ university

3rd place prize: €100  in cash + 2% of total entry fee for charity*, 1-year EcoSim Pro simulation license for the students’ university

Prizes for the other finalist teams: Online certificate & 20% EcoSim simulation coupon for the students’ university

*Part of the prize is a donation to an NGO selected by the awarded team. Donations have previously been made to Doctors without Borders, UNICEF, and other local charities selected by the winning teams.


The Business Simulation competition is a wonderful opportunity to include experiential learning into the curricula. As this year’s competition will be a pilot to gather experience and feedback, we would expect to have the credits given as extra-curricular performance. In the future, it is our aim to have the competition also included in the actual curricula.

The simulation also provides an opportunity for customisation to your own programme (see additional credits). We suggest awarding the students with the following credit scheme.

  • 1ECTS credit: Simulation game: Team building, kick-off meeting, playing test round and playing qualification round (altogether 6 turns of simulation).
  • 2 ECTS credits: Simulation game + add-on assignments (best practices examples will be offered by the game organisers) like strategy building, game analysis and personal development reflection.
  • + Additional credits: Additional credits can be awarded based on:
    1. when teams succeed to advance to the semi-finals and finals of the competition, they can be awarded additional credits. This is of course within every NIBS partner university’s discretion.
    2. additional credits could also be awarded based on additional related assignments based on specific topics like finance, marketing, management to fit your programme needs. Your students can earn additional credits by, for example, do an in-depth financial analysis, or do an extensive competitor analysis


NIBS Member rate per team: €90

Non-NIBS Member rate per team: €110

You will be asked in the registration form whether you would like an invoice raising for payment. There is also the option of paying by credit card via the NIBS Store. Entry fee payment deadline – 20th October

If you have any questions regarding the competition, please send an e-mail to

Video of the 2021 Opening Ceremony: this session covers the explanation of the changes for the qualifier round and the Q&A session


Competitions now open for registration

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