London South Bank University Completes NIBS Reaccreditation Process

LSBU Accreditation

The NIBS re-accreditation team, consisting of Hans van Oudheusden, Robin Ritchie, and Ioan Alin Nistor, met with Dean Mike Molan and other representatives of the LSBU School of Business during a visit this week

The School of Business at the UK’s London South Bank University (LSBU) completed the NIBS reaccreditation process last week, joining the ranks of members who have renewed their commitment to internationalisation and continuous improvement.

After completing an extensive self-evaluation of all aspects of the school’s international activities, senior staff welcomed the NIBS delegation to LSBU’s Southwark campus to review the evolution of the school since it was first accredited in 2011.

The panel, consisting of NIBS President Hans van Oudheusden (Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences), NIBS Vice President Robin Ritchie (Carleton University, Canada), and NIBS Board member Alin Nistor (Babes-Bolyai University, Romania), assessed all aspects of the school’s work with international partners. This included the impact of the school’s activities on partner institutions through course delivery, research and other collaborations, how international students contribute to the learning experience at LSBU, and the extent to which staff and resources deliver an internationally-focused business education through courses and extra-curricular initiatives.

Representing LSBU at the meetings were: Prof. Mike Molan (Dean of the Business School), Sarah Moore-Williams (Director of Education and the Student Experience), Mary Lawrence (Lead for Marketing, Recruitment and Admission), Stephen Bellas (Study Abroad and ERASMUS), Anna Howard (Associate Professor of Enterprise Education), Jon Warwick (Professor of Educational Development), and Stuart Bannerman (LSBU Director of International).

Since being accredited by NIBS in 2011, LSBU’s School of Business has refocused its international activities by strengthening and deepening its links with many partners. The school has also been reviewing its undergraduate teaching programmes to focus on enterprise and entrepreneurship, with further opportunities for international study.

For more information on the School of Business at LSBU and its international initiatives, please click here.

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