Lahti University of Applied Sciences completes NIBS reaccreditation process


The NIBS re-accreditation team, consisting of Ian Charles and Patrick Schoenmakers, met with Dean Jukka Mustonen and other members of the LAMK faculty and staff during a visit earlier this week

The Faculty of Business and Hospitality Management at Finland’s Lahti University of Applied Sciences (LAMK) completed the international re-accreditation process this week, with a final site visit by NIBS Vice Presidents Ian Charles (International Business Academy, Denmark) and Patrick Schoenmakers (Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands).  LAMK was originally awarded NIBS accreditation in 2009—one of the first schools to receive the designation.

Participants from Lahti included Dean Jukka Mustonen, education manager Milla Laisi, senior lecturer Marja Viljanen, senior lecturer Tarja Ahonen, international relations manager Hanna Mikkonen, and coordinator for quality and strategic planning Henna Eskonsipo-Bradshaw.  The final phase of the re-accreditation process involved a series of interviews and meetings, and followed the completion of a self-reflection report in which the school conducted an inventory of its international initiatives and assessed progress since the original accreditation.

During the visit, the accreditationLAMK Logo team highlighted several areas as particularly noteworthy: Since 2009, the number of foreign students has grown and the overall student population has become significantly more multicultural. In addition, staff are more international, student mobility has increased, and the curriculum has been enhanced with new international elements.

As Schoenmakers put it, “Internationalisation at Lahti is solid, well thought out, and deeply integrated into the school’s operations.  This is an institution that really ‘walks the talk’ when it comes to thinking globally.”

For more information, please see this article on the LAMK website.

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