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Past Conferences - Network of International Business Schools

Past Conferences

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For most conferences held 2012 and later, click on the conference location to see an archive of the conference website.


Harbin, China
Host School: Heilongjiang International University
Theme: “Changing China”


Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Host School: Babeș-Bolyai University, Transylvania Business School
Theme: “Higher Education in the Age of Technology”


Leeds, UK
Host School: Leeds Beckett University, Leeds Business School
Theme: “Business Schools: Fit for the Future?”


Breda, Netherlands
Host School: Avans University of Applied Sciences, Avans School of International Studies
Theme: “Are Latin American and Asian economies outshining the rest of the world?”


St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Host School: Southeast Missouri State University, Harrison College of Business
Theme: “Business in the Developing World”


Lahti, Finland
Host School: Lahti University of Applied Sciences
Theme: “New Business Opportunities in the Global Economy: From Opportunities to New Business Creation”


San Juan, Puerto Rico
Host School: International Business Academy (IBA), Kolding
Theme: “New Opportunities in Internationalization: Business Schools in Latin America and the Caribbean”


London, United Kingdom
Host School: London South Bank University, School of Business
Theme: “The Effect of the Current World Economic Crisis on International Student Mobility: Challenges and Opportunities”


Maastricht, Netherlands
Host School: Zuyd University of Applied Sciences
Theme: The Role of Multilingualism in International Business”


Bangkok, Thailand
Host School: Assumption University, ABAC Graduate School of Business
Theme: “Crisis Management & the Creative Economy”


Antalya, Turkey
Host School: Salisbury University, Franklin P. Perdue School of Business, Business Economic and Community Outreach Network
Theme: “The Travel and Tourism Industry”


Leuven, Belgium
Host School: Leuven University College
Theme: “Sustainable Management: Less Waste, More Profit?”


Kolding, Denmark
Host School: International Business Academy
Theme: “Innovation”


Amsterdam, Netherlands
Host School: Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Business and Economics
Theme: “Business Schools: Followers or Leaders?”


Rennes, France
Host School: ESC Rennes School of Business
Theme: “Multicultural Management in Education”


Coventry, United Kingdom
Host School: Coventry University, Coventry Business School
Theme: “New Directions in International Business Education”


Rennes, France
Host School: ESC Rennes School of Business
Theme: “Managing Student and Faculty Competence in Business Schools”


Rennes, France
Host School:
 ESC Rennes School of Business


Rennes, France
Host School:
 ESC Rennes School of Business

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